Shock As Steeler Goes Drinking On South Side And Doesn’t Get Arrested

The location of the alleged non-incident. (Image credit: 'Double Wide Grill Gas Station reuse Pittsburgh' by Brett VA via Commons CC BY 2.0.)

In a development that has most of Pittsburgh shaking their heads in utter disbelief, a prominent member of the Steelers is rumored to have gone to the South Side part of the city, had a few quiet drinks possibly as part of a meal of some kind, and then taken an Uber home.

Local residents who are well used to members of the local NFL franchise invading Carson Street bars and getting into all kinds of trouble found it hard to accept that this could have occurred.

“It’s so disappointing n’at. This sounds like something the Houston Texans would do.”

The player, who asked not to be named, apologized for not showing more spirit and promised if he engaged in that kind of behavior again he would stay in the North Hills, or, if he must venture into the City, restrict himself to Shadyside and Bryant Street in Highland Park.

Please note that this is a developing story in which little more than going to bed early is expected to happen.

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