SNL Fires All Its Writers Because They Are ‘No Longer Needed’

NBC comedy sketch Saturday Night Live has dismissed its entire writing staff and is not planning to replace them. Executives said it was not about their quality, which they insist is very high.

“It’s simply that after the last show with Jessica Chastain, we realized we don’t need writers any more. It’s all written for us during the week.”

They pinpoint the writers’ downfall to the Trump phenomena, though initially writers were used heavily to satirize what was going on.

“That seemed to work well at first, though we now realize there was always something flat about it. The sketches were never as biting or outrageous as the real thing.”

That prompted the decision to let all the writing staff go, with some kept on purely for their live performance ability.

“Look forward to some of the best absurdist sketch comedy we’ve ever done.”

The performing cast and familiar guest appearances are safe, at least for the time-being.

“Unless the real people we’re depicting offer to come to the studio repeat what they said during the week verbatim on live television. That would KILL!”

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