SNL Revealed To Be Russian Plot Initiated During The Cold War

Following President Trump’s repeated insistence that the NBC comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live is a threat to national security that needs to be federally investigated, independent scrutiny has indeed confirmed it is an anti-American plot started by the Soviets during the Cold war.

“We are sad to report we have discovered that Lorne Michaels is actually Colonel Mikhail Sergeyevich Lornov, formerly of the KBG, and now a senior official in the FSB.”

Lornov, masquerading as a Canadian-American television producer, initially started the show to foster a sense of unrest during the chaotic mid-to-late seventies. This was achieved in part by presenting characters from Warsaw Pact countries as superior to Americans.

“It’s now clear those ‘wild and crazy guys’ were intended to undermine our faith in democracy – and ourselves.”

The show continued its treasonous behavior through the early and mid eighties, with sketches like Mister Robinson’s Neighborhood. Though it superficially appeared to be about urban issues, it was in fact a subconscious critique of Reagan’s Star Wars program. Then the show’s original raison d’etre vanished overnight.

“After the Soviet Union fell we just kept going because people seemed to like the comedy aspect.”

However the show’s nefarious purpose came to the fore again when Vladimir Putin insisted it do everything it can to stop President Trump from making America great again, a prospect that terrified the Russian leader. It was deemed a great success, until the plot was uncovered by journalists.

“Thank god President Trump was able to see this foreign threat that had been operating in our midst for decades for what it is.”

Indeed, politician of all stripes, and the entire intelligence community, are kicking themselves for not realizing it earlier, given the show’s mocking ways.

“Everyone knows true Americans never mock anything and show only respectful obedience to those in positions of power no matter who they may be or how they act. So this insurgent comedy troupe should have stood out like a sore thumb.”

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