South Side Doesn’t Smell Like Vomit For First Time In Decades

Image credit: adapted from "Jack's Bar' by Piotrus via Commons license CC BY-SA 3.0.

(Pittsburgh, PA) For the first time in living memory for those not in the AARP, the city’s South Side neighborhood reportedly didn’t smell of vomit today, which is something many residents never thought would come to pass.

“I’d given up on Carson Street ever not smelling of puke and piss, but today it’s minty fresh!”

Despite the apparent granting of neverending liquor licenses, the infamous location started to smell better on Sunday afternoon, first in the vicinity of Jack’s and Dee’s, and then from Pipers Pub though the Tiki Lounge.

“Unfortunately an unpleasant odor is still hanging in the air in the stretch from The Library to Nadines, but we hope even that will improve.”

Residents commended Mayor Peduto and his team for finally succeeding in cleaning up the ‘sah-side’.

“Whatever it is yinz are doing, keep it up!”

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