Head Of Space Force Resigns Over Disagreements With Trump On Martians

Commander Buzz Lightyear, the first Space Force Chief of Staff appointed by President Trump, resigned today over disagreements with the White House on how to handle the Martian problem.

Relations had already soured minutes after Trump appointed Lightyear to the post following the creation of the United States Space Force earlier today.

Lightyear was reported to have referred to the President as a ‘Cosmic Doofus’ to fellow Space Force officers, while Trump publicly derided him as ‘Looney Lightyear’ on twitter.

Trump is expected to appoint a replacement more in agreement with his hard-line policy on Martians, as opposed to Lightyear’s more congenial approach based on the fact that they don’t pose a threat so long as they don’t exist on the same plane of existence as the rest of us.

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