SpaceX Astronauts Tell Earth “We’re just going to chill up here until 2021”

Following a highly successful launch on Saturday, the combined NASA/SpaceX manned mission was thrown off course today when astronauts sent the following message:

“Decided we’re just going to chill up here until 2021. See you guys in the New Year!”

Mission Control warned the two men that staying in orbit for so long unplanned would mean they would be exposed to multiple potentially lethal hazards, including radiation, space junk collisions, or systems failure.

“Yeah… we know all that, but Earth right now….?”

They say they smuggled some peanuts on board to give them extra calories for their elongated time off the surface of the planet.

“As for liquids, we’re more than happy to spend the rest of 2020 up here in this cramped capsule drinking our own pee.”

The space travelers then signed off for the rest of the year in order to preserve their available battery power.

“Good luck Earth – you’ll need it.”


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