Speculation Grows That A Second Intern Was Involved In Jim Acosta Microphone Incident

With both sides trading different accounts of an incident during President Trump’s press conference that led to CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s credentials being revoked, people wondered today if the truth will ever be known.

“Clearly there is more to this than meets the eye.”

Supporters of the President are accused of selectively speeding up footage of the incident to make Acosta’s movements appear more aggressive, while Trump’s critic have dissected the footage to reveal what they claim are four separate instances where the young intern touched Acosta in an effort to take the microphone. Now it appears a new theory of what transpired is taking hold.

“There must have been a second intern.”

Proponents claim that frame-by-frame analysis of the tape demonstrates conclusively that one lone intern could not possible account for the complex motions on display, particularly those where Acosta moves back and to the right.

“It is our firm belief that another intern was waiting on the carpeted step.”

3 Comments on "Speculation Grows That A Second Intern Was Involved In Jim Acosta Microphone Incident"

  1. Smokey Ballots | November 12, 2018 at 7:05 pm | Reply

    Saw it live! the video edit claim is laughable. Ackosta, live, clearly interacted in an overly abrupt fashion with the intern. Stop making lame excuses for the buffoon. Grassy knoll or not.

    • There was only one buffoon in that room and it wasn’t Jim. Russia’s indentured stooge Donny Dumb set up the whole interchange as another opportunity to trash the honest media that frightens him all the way down to his tiny feet. A bigger traitor the country has never seen. By the way “Smokey,” you do know that this is a parody page right?

  2. I’ll testify to anyone that I saw the third intern on the grassy knoll who quickly disappeared.

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