Staples Confirms EASY Button Was Ordered By Someone In North Korea

One day after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un claimed he has a literal nuclear button on his desk, office supply leader Staples Inc. confirmed they recently fulfilled an order for one of their ‘EASY’ buttons with a shipping address in Pyongyang.

“I believe it was for a Mister Jong-un.”

Defense analysts say this could be cause for major alarm.

“It’s possible the North Koreans have symbolically hooked up a button symbolizing the vacuous nature of Western capitalism to a functioning rocket-mounted thermonuclear device designed to bring about its imminent downfall.”

Though they warn it could mean something else altogether.

“It’s also possible they don’t even know how to make a stupid gimmicky button that works properly.”

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  1. I. L. Michael | March 24, 2020 at 12:46 am | Reply

    Someone told me He said this. I didn’t believe. He is the Pitts. I didn’t believe He is as ignorant as I’ve always thought. Thought maybe I was being too hard. I was right. Too bad his followers don’t comprehend what he’s saying about their stupidity. He has/is really using them. I’ve learned through life you REAP WHAT YOU SOW. THE SINS OF THE FATHER ARE ON THE CHILDREN.

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