Star Of ‘The Revenant’ Speaks Out Against Hollywood Racism

The Oscar-nominated and Annie-award winning star of Best Picture ‘The Revenant’ has issued a statement clarifying his position on the issue of racism and bias in Hollywood, of which he says he has personal experience. In it, the 1200lb thespian reveals that the rampant rumors about ‘that scene’ were particularly hurtful.

“It wasn’t a rape scene at all as you found out during the film, but people were all too ready to believe that a bear of color would do that to the pretty white man.”

Initially the Revenant actor resisted the notion that all the nice Hollywood executives singing his praises could have a racist bone in their body.

“I kept telling myself, like a caniform Hattie McDaniel, that I was fully accepted.”

It was only after digesting the statistical improbability of having 40 all-white human nominees two years in a row that the North American Brown Bear realized he was part of a system that had a problem.

“In a year in which Idris Elba killed it in Beasts of No Nation? I mean, come on!”

He now realizes that the villainous role that has brought him such fame is nevertheless a typical example of Hollywood bias, given that it always destined to be played by a black or brown bear.

“You know what kind of bears they didn’t screen test to be violent unhinged antagonist of hero Leonardo DiCaprio? Polar bears. Think about that for a minute.”

He’s since educated himself about the despicable practice of regulating bears like him to movies like ‘The Edge’ where they are always portrayed in a negative light.

“I can imagine what it’s like to be a Arab-looking actor in this town these days.”

He’s prepared to accept that Hollywood may not actively intend to cause harm, but that it may instead be the unavoidable result of years of systematically ingrained bias.

“The fact that it could be entirely unconscious is even more scary in my opinion. This is a problem that needs to be actively addressed.”

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