Stephen Miller To Play Himself In Remake Of “The Omen”

In great news for fans of quality horror, the classic film “The Omen” is to be remade, with the Antichrist, Stephen Miller, agreeing to play himself for the first time.

Though Miller is highly valued for his input at the White House, his father, who goes by the name Prince of Darkness,  personally interceded with President Trump to allow him time off to do the project.

President Trump graciously acceded, though there was little chance he would refuse the request, as Miller’s father has been a tireless backer of Trump’s administration from the start, constantly working to motivate people to support it.

Miller said he is delighted to finally get to play himself in the role previously performed in the original series of movies by Harvey Spencer Stephens, Jonathan Scott-Taylor, and Sam Neill.

The producers have their fingers crossed that the film will fare better than the 2006 remake, which did okay at the box office, but was critically less well received.

“Hopefully having Stephen involved this time will lend it an authenticity that elevates it above that.”

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