Steve Bannon Emerges From Casket To Haunt Trump Administration

Former Senior White House advisor Steve Bannon is training his fire on the Trump Administration in a sensational new book he has reportedly been working on for some time in the peaceful seclusion of a satin-lined coffin.

Bannon had eschewed the limelight, or any kind of bright light, since he was dismissed in mid 2017, but has taken the onset of the overcast winter months to remerge into the political arena.

“He’s much more comfortable being out when it’s cold and foreboding like this.”

Since taking his place amongst ordinary mortals again, Bannon has not held back, accusing the Trump campaign of engaging in treasonous dealings with the Russians.

“If Mueller can get hold of him to testify that could really bolster the case against the President, but it’s a tricky thing to accomplish, especially if Steve turns into a bat.”

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