Stormy Daniels Hints She Kept Pee-Stained Dress In Ongoing Battle With President

Image credit: adapted from 'Stormy Daniels' by Flickr user Gary license CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons.

In the latest twist of President Trump’s very adult troubles, former paramour Stormy Daniels has leaked that she has a dress from their torrid affair that could prove to be Trump’s downfall.

“I have kept a pee-stained dress from our time together, yes.”

The dress, which has been meticulously preserved since the affair, is rumored to be white with bands of a more golden hue.

“That would be the pee.”

Trump’s legal team is preparing to fight back, however, by contending that the dress is nothing like the description being put forward.

“Our position is that the dress is not white and gold, but blue and black.”

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