Study Finds Immigrants Flush Toilet Less In Pre-Election Blow For Trump

In bad news for the President, a report in the wake of his assertion that people flush too many times has revealed that immigrants are far less likely to do so.

“Immigrants often come from countries where water is in short supply, therefore they are loath to waste it.

President Trump had been hoping to make excessive toilet flushing a cornerstone of his election campaign, and also planned to demonize immigrants as the worst offenders.

“Unfortunately the science does not bear that out. Quite the opposite in fact.”

This means his entire strategy has to be reworked, possibly by reverting back to earlier claims that they are all racists and members of MS-13. Democrats responded by demanding that Trump release details of how many times he flushes, though medical experts say that could be open to misinterpretation.

“Given what we know of the President’s diet, it’s entirely possible he would need to flush multiple times to leave the bowl clean enough for the next person.”

In the Democrat race, the focus on toilet habits is expected to boost Bernie Sanders, who revealed his simple frugal lifestyle extends to the bathroom.

“If it’s number one I always leave it there until number two comes along to save water.”

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