Supernanny Rushed To White House To Deal With Epic Tantrum That’s Coming

There was widespread concern in the White House today that the United States was about to experience disruption on a scale not even the last few weeks could have prepared it for, after the Trump Administration experienced setback after (mostly self-inflicted) setback, followed by the rush release of Michael Wolff’s tell-all book “Fire and Fury”.

Further rulings denying President Trump’s request to reinstate his travel ban, his dropping down the Forbes list of richest Americans, and the questioning of his fitness for office has even those closest to Trump fearing for the cosmic scale of the epic tantrum that’s coming.

“Even Stephen Miller is petrified.”

Furniture has been cleared and breakable objects – together with the nuclear football – have been placed out of reach in preparation for the biggest anticipated meltdown by a major world leader since Hitler was informed that things ‘weren’t all that peachy’ in Stalingrad.

Such is the concern that Supernanny Jo Frost has been summoned to Washington from the United Kingdom. The reality star – familiar to Americans for dealing with the nations most notorious toddlers after their parents had given up – said she would try her best to manage the President’s impending unruly behavior.

“But even I can’t work miracles.”

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  1. Stand back, he’s gonna blow!

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