Survey Finds 10 Out Of 10 People Not Comfortable Sharing A Restroom With Phil Robertson

Image credit: 'Phil Robertson at CPAC' by Flickr user Gage Skidmore license CC BY-SA 2.0.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Patriarch Phil Robertson has delved into the transgender bathroom issue with what he calls a ‘radical idea’ that men should use the men’s restroom and women should use the womens’s restroom.

Notwithstanding the fact that this doesn’t advance the argument one iota as it’s the very concept of gender norms that is the issue at hand, Robertson can expect his views to be shared by some and denounced by others – a survey of the American public finds them split on the issue, along largely partisan lines.

One thing everyone seems to agree on however, is that nobody wants to share a restroom with Phil Robertson.

“We found that just reading the question caused respondents to wince in disgust.”

Those who filled in the optional comments section suggested he stick to using the lockable family restroom from now on, or hold it until he gets home if there isn’t one.

3 Comments on "Survey Finds 10 Out Of 10 People Not Comfortable Sharing A Restroom With Phil Robertson"

  1. People are jealous because he’s a man with principals, and he sticks to his beliefs, unlike the spineless mob that goes whichever way the wind blows

  2. Was this supposed to be a legitimate article or just a 3rd grade level cheapshot meant to look like one? I really hope you didn’t have to get a degree in journalism just for stuff like this.

  3. The thought of using a stall following Robertson’s occupancy makes me itch all over. We’d have to search diligently to find a person who’s appearance is equally disgusting, filthy and unwashed as this character.

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