Survey Finds Most Women Would Be Happy To Submit Divorce Papers To Kirk Cameron

Image credit: 'Kirk Cameron' by Flickr user Gage Skidmore license CC BY-SA 2.0.

A comprehensive survey of woman has revealed an astonishing degree of concurrence with Kirk Cameron’s controversial views on marriage. When asked whether they would be prepared to ‘submit’ to Cameron if he was their husband, an overwhelming majority responded in the affirmative.

“Sure I’d submit to him. Submit divorce papers, that is!”

The Growing Pains star is currently on a tour promoting his conservative Christian vision of marriage, in which he encourages wives never to criticize or try to change their husbands no matter how they behave, but to always honor and respect them instead. Most women say there is some sense in that, at least for the case of Cameron himself.

“I certainly wouldn’t attempt to change him into a good actor or a leading man, that’s for sure.”

For those unable to make any of Cameron’s seminars on how to have a successful marriage in this day and age, a text accompanying the course is available. Called The Bible, it’s available from all major book retailers and in most hotel rooms.

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