Sussexes To Give Up Royal Titles And Open Meg & Hank’s Hot Dog Stand

The Queen has announced that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will no longer hold on to their HRH titles as they seek to live a self-sufficient independent life.

Reached for comment, Price Harry, who now goes by Hank, revealed they would be opening a hot dog stand in Hamilton, Ontario.

“It was either this or funnel cakes.”

Though he doesn’t want to get his hopes too high, the former Royal says he has grand ambitions for Meg & Hank’s Hot Dogs to spread throughout North America.

“It’d be great to break into the US market.”

He says Meg will cook the franks, while he will be in charge of buns and toppings.”

“Now would you like chili on that?”

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2 Comments on "Sussexes To Give Up Royal Titles And Open Meg & Hank’s Hot Dog Stand"

  1. This is mean.

  2. This is mean

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