Ted Cruz Urged To Mask Up To Prevent Light From His Face Entering Other People’s Eyeballs

Following his latest maskless appearance in public, medical experts are urging Ted Cruz to cover up whenever he is around others to prevent a serious outbreak of people seeing what he looks like up close – something they say involves a long painful period of recovery and which could fill much needed hospital beds.

“It’s vitally important for Senator Cruz to keep his face covered at all times when in public to avoid harming those around him.”

While they are concerned he could be spreading COVID, the risk factors associated with a maskless Cruz go well beyond that according to the CDC.

“Obviously it’s important that any mask covers the nose and mouth and captures respiratory droplets, but in Ted’s case it also needs to be fully opaque and extend to cover the rest of the face, and, most importantly, the chin.”

Should Cruz continue to refuse to wear one, the public are advised to take measures to protect themselves.

“You need to be at least 100 yards away from him at all times – 200 if you have excellent vision.”

Especially vulnerable group like birdwatchers are being told to use extra caution.

“Please make sure he is far away – preferably in another state – before taking out those binoculars.”

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  1. Once seen,his face cannot be unseen.

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