Ten Billion People Tuned In To Watch State Of The Union Says Trump

The State of the Union address is said to be smashing viewing records everywhere, after a record-breaking ten billion people tuned in according to the President’s twitter account.

“Can’t believe everyone on planet Earth and 2.6 billion extra-terrestrials tuned in. So loved!”

There is some uncertainty in the number, according to the White House, which is likely an under-estimate.

“It doesn’t include, for example, the millions of people from the Inaugural who went missing on the National Mall last year, who could have been watching if they still have charge left on their phones – but there’s no way to be sure.”

Trump ridiculed critics who challenged his extraordinary audience figures by pointing out his numbers were compiled by the highest authority on the matter, Betsy DeVos.

“As Secretary of Education she’s head of math in this country. Are you saying you know more about counting than the head of math? Sad!”

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  1. Last i heard it was 40 mil. 8 mil lower the Obamas. And the watched Kennedy, not trump. They kept the volumn down to not hear his voice.

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