Thousands Of Ordinary Couples Scramble To Become The Next ‘Brangelina’

Watch out TMZ, here we come!

With the news that Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt, the race is on for who will inherit the coveted ‘Brangelina’ title that is a guaranteed tabloid seller. With no obvious celebrity couples having the right names, ordinary couples name Brad and Angelina, or possibly even Brian and Angelina, now have a shot at securing the world’s most popular portmanteau.

Brad Jenkins and Angelina Scupper, a seasoned couple living in Burlington Vermont, are hopeful they can grab the mantle of biggest supercouple after launching a social media campaign as soon as news of the split broke.

“I may not have quite the looks of Mister Pitt but I could pull off the shirtless-with-cowboy-hat look in my day. As for the wife – if you think Angelina Jolie was headstrong wait till you see this one on the red carpet!”

They believe their bid will be aided by the fact that they live in the hometown of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and dream of even having their own ‘Brangelina’ flavor one day.

“That’s something not even the original Brangelina managed to achieve.”

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