Tiffany Trump’s Boyfriend Granted Top-Level Security Clearance Because ‘It’s only fair’

Michael Boulos, the boyfriend of Tiffany Trump, has been granted the highest level of security clearance available, the White House announced today. The reason for the young man being granted access to the nation’s top secrets was given as ‘It’s only fair’.

The push to grant Boulos the highest possible level of access reportedly started when Tiffany learned her father had personally intervened to grant a top-level security clearance to Jared Kushner, husband of her sister Ivanka, against the advice of intelligence officials.

She then called her father and complained that he always treated Ivanka as his favorite, and it wasn’t fair for Ivanka’s guy to get clearance while hers didn’t. The President soon relented, saying he loves both his daughters.

This means Boulos will now be entitled to receive briefings from top intelligence officials on all matters of national security. Reached for comment, the young man’s response was succinct.


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  1. This cannot be true! Pls tell me it is not true!

  2. This is outrageous!!! (Don’t we ALREADY have restrictions in place about this kind of stuff or is it just “Whatever Daddy says goes!”???)

  3. I’m going to love this site!!!😊😂😄😅

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