TIME Magazine Introduces ‘Pettiest Person Of The Year’ Award

TIME Magazine has announces a new annual issue dedicated to the ‘Pettiest Person of the Year’. The idea for the new award came after President Trump tweeted that Greta Thunberg needed ‘anger management’ classes and that her being named TIME Person of the Year for 2019 was ‘ridiculous’.

“We immediately put out a rush issue.”

Though they still went through a formal process of judging who was the pettiest person of the year, there was little doubt who would win.

“Obviously we had to give a number of Reality TV stars due consideration, but really there was no contest.”

Clinching it for the President was an image he tweeted of himself with Rocky’s body, which was selected for the cover.

“If that doesn’t scream vain and petty then we don’t know what does.”

The magazine says it is also awarding the award retroactively to the President for all of his 73 years.

“In principle of course anyone can dislodge him next year by being sufficiently petty. In principle.”

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