Tommy Wiseau Of ‘The Room’ Fame To Run For President In 2020

The man behind the cult movie “The Room”, Tommy Wiseau, has announced his intention to run for President in 2020, saying that a President Wiseau in the White House is no crazier than what we have now.

“I will be President for all America and my runnning mate will be my best friend Greg. Welcome to my paradise. aha ha ha.”

Wiseau says he will run as an independent on a platform of raising breast cancer awareness and providing an alternative to Trump’s anti-immigration policies.

“We must stop asking people where they come from and giving them hard time because they sound different. It’s tearing this country apart, Lisa!”

While most aspiring candidates would need to raise enormous sums of money for a Presidential campaign, Wiseau doesn’t appear too troubled, though he has rebuffed all attempts to uncover his funding source.

“Don’t worry, guy. I become President and we have great country. Oh, Hi Mark!”

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