Toyota Targets North American Market With New ‘Sedition 88’ Pickup Featuring Gallows As Standard

After responding to criticisms that it has funded law-makers who played down the significance of the Capitol Riot in January, the Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE:TM) has doubled-down on its position with the release of a new pickup expressed designed for the insurrectionist consumer.

“We are pleased to introduce the heavy-duty Sedition 88.”

The automobile giant said there was a large void in the pickup/light truck market despite the number of choices available, since none of those were explicitly designed with the needs of right-wing gun-loving Trump supporters in mind. The 6.5-liter Sedition 88 makes no such mistake according to the manufacturer.

“Our exciting new Sedition 88 pickup features gallows as standard for when you need to string up that Democrat or RINO who objects to your violent unconstitutional power-grab after you lose at the ballot box.”

Customers may also choose from a number of heavy gun mounts, something Toyota has a great deal of expertise in due to its dominant market position in a number of unstable African nations.

“We are delighted to bring our experience equipping ragtag insurgencies seeking to overthrow legitimate governments to the United States now that it too is a basket-case.”

Customers will be able to choose from a wide variety of luxury trims, including details like seat-warmers and decorative chrome runes, though the Sedition 88 will only come in the color white.

“For obvious reasons.”

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