Trump Announces Bold New Immigration Plan That Will Provide Unlimited Free Labor

Proving he is an adaptable leader than knows how to solve America’s problems, Donald Trump has done a complete 180 on his immigration stance, and now want to massively increase the net influx of workers into the United States.

“This country was built on the work of immigrants, and new immigrants are how it will become great again.”

Trump is now so pro-immigration he’s not content to wait for them to come here, but promises he will actively go out and obtain them.

“As your President I will bring them here by the boatload. It’s going to be incredible.”

Trump says all will be welcome under his new immigration policy.

“Muslims, Africans, Mexicans, Asians, whoever we can get a hold of – I want you here working for me.”

Not only that, Trump plans to also house the new immigrants and give them a job for life.

“They’ll get to live in close knit communities with each other, be fed, and receive free medical care to ensure they are always healthy enough to put in a hard days work. How great is that?”

Trump wants to avoid the concerns that often plague immigrants, such as how to grab their piece of the American dream or scrape together money to send their children to college.

“I’ll appoint someone to do all the worrying for them and tell them what to do. A – what do you call it? – person in charge. We’ll find work for the kids too so they won’t even need college.”

Trump says certain aspects of the current U.S. Constitution will need to be addressed so his immigration program doesn’t fall afoul of it, but that won’t be as difficult as it sounds.

“My lawyers tell me a previous version of it will work just fine.”

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