Trump Announces New G7 Location After His Resort Is Rejected

Image credits: 'Grand Courts West' by Marton Gonzalez via Commons license

(The White House) Insisting he had no hard feelings over not being able to host the next G7 meeting at his own resort, President Trump today announced the new location.

“It will be held at a fine spot I personally handpicked myself.”

The motel he chose boasts a number of conveniences including an ice-machine that definitely used to work and light-proof rooms to ensure visiting leaders get a good night’s sleep.

“Though that’s mainly because the windows are plywood.”

Trump will not be staying onsite during the conferance but will fly to and from there each day from his nearest luxury golf resort.

“Sadly I will miss out on the lavish breakfast of microwaved egg mix.”

Other leaders, though not looking forward to their visit to the United States, had to agree their accomodations made sense.

“It’s important we get a sense for how most Americans live while we are there.”

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