Trump Appoints Mr. T As Special Envoy To Turkey

(The White House) President Trump has followed up his letter to Turkish leader President Erdogan urging him to make a deal by appointing B. A. Baracus aka Mr. T as a special envoy to represent him in the region.

“Mr. T has a message for you and I urge you to listen to it.”

Baracus intends to use a two-pronged diplomatic strategy to achieve his goal.

“First I will tell him not to be a fool, then if he doesn’t respond appropriately I will tell him I pity the fool who doesn’t listen to me.”

Though U.S. troops have been ordered out of the area, Baracus is believed to be more than capable of putting together a powerful offensive capability including making battletanks out of abandoned farm equipment and cabbages.

“You mess up, then I gotta mess you up!”

Trump said he is looking forward to a big beautiful plan for the region coming together very soon.

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