Trump Asking Around If Anyone Knows Who This “Michael Cohen” Is

(The White House) Despite being a very busy man, President Trump says he likes to keep up with current affairs even if they do not relate to his role as chief executive. Today was no different as he took interest in the latest headlines and quizzed those around him about it.

“Anyone seen this story about a Michael Cohen? Who is this guy anyway?”

Confused staffers weren’t sure how to respond as they were asked to fill in the President on who he was and why he’s in so much trouble.

“I’m just curious seeing as how I know nothing about him.”

He also requested that someone from the State Department be sent over as he had some questions they could help with.

“I’ve just found out on the History Channel there’s a country called Russia that we fought alongside in WW2! Tell me more because I didn’t even know it existed!!!”

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