Trump Bans Sale Of Mexican Beer To Halt Spread Of Coronavirus

Saying he didn’t need to wait for the CDC before taking action to safeguard the health of Americans, President Trump today signed an executive order banning the sale of Mexican beer in the United States.

“The coronavirus will not be allowed to spread here.”

Medical experts quickly tried to inform the President that he had misunderstood the pathogen’s name, but he angrily dismissed their concerns.

“Obviously I know it doesn’t just mean Corona – Sol and Dos Equis are just as dangerous!”

Anyone found drinking Mexican beer will be put into quarantine in hastily assembled open-air fenced camps beneath freeway underpasses.

“Fortunately we already have a lot of experience building them and treating the people inside like they are highly infectious.”

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16 Comments on "Trump Bans Sale Of Mexican Beer To Halt Spread Of Coronavirus"

  1. A Tequila shot with salt, lime and a Corona back.
    Take two to start the night.
    If the virus flares up, repeat.
    Keep repeating until well.

  2. I encountered this satire earlier and m,y system immediately glitched leaving me to have to track it down later to find it’s just a joke… Thank God… and Bohemia… Corona, Tecate, Chihuahua, etc… and ¡¡Oh Fuck 45¢- !!

  3. This is funny! It’s also funny how many people don’t realize that this is a satirical website…

  4. I am a Trump supporter and I think this is hilarious!

  5. Trump idiot supporters. They look and act like all the crazies at a bingo parlor or a nascar event. ( everyone knows nascars run on diesel.)

  6. There are 3 types of responses to be had to a post like this nowadays:

    1. The intellectual group, who will laugh at it as its funny and clearly a joke.

    2. The idiots who listen to the POTUS and the Republican party lie at just about everything – and be outraged a post like this could every be made – calling for its shut down.

    3. The Trump supporter – who believes it.

  7. Jojo Thanatolia | January 28, 2020 at 5:14 pm | Reply

    I feel bad for the “anonymous” saying “you should stop spreading BS and be shut down”…until I realize that person must be a Trumpista and has no clue whatsoever what satire is all about. Also goes to show they also don’t give a fig about our Constitutional rights to be silly if that’s what it takes to open people’s eyes.

  8. It’s Real New The Kind You MAGA Foos Can’t Handle!

  9. Yes, it is. Seriously funny.

  10. Pacifica ban next to stop sea level rise…

  11. duhhh, can you read the top of the page?

  12. You should stop spreading BS and be shut down.

  13. Right at the top of the page A satirical blog!

  14. Is this serious?

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