Trump Calls For All Clowns Including Ronald McDonald To Be Deported

Image credit: 'The Sad Clown!' by steenslag via Commons license CC BY-SA-2.0.

Speaking at a campaign stop today, Donald Trump called for all clowns to be deported following an epidemic of scary clowns that have been terrorizing the country.

The head of the Clowns of America organization responded by saying these people were not real clowns, and do not represent the true spirit of clowning, which is about creating fun, not fear.

But Trump brushed such objections aside as he also called for a blanket ban on clowns entering the United States. Clowns already here are to be deported as soon as possible, including Ronald McDonald, despite the fact that this is his home country.

When it was put to Trump that his plan was an overreaction that would prove devastating to birthday parties, he said he would consider rescinding the ban in the future and replacing it with a strong vetting program, but only if clowns start reporting things that are going on.

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