Trump Cites Lack Of Protests By WWI Veterans As Proof He Did Nothing Wrong

President Trump today sought to downplay the controversy over alleged disparaging comments he made about US Marines buried in a cemetery in France following the Battle of Belleau Wood during WWI.

“If what I said was so bad, the suckers and losers who didn’t get killed at Belleau Wood would be kicking up a storm about it about it.”

But, as Trump went on the explain to his base, nobody who survived has complained to him.

“Not a single tweet – nothing!”

He described the story as faux outrage similar to the stories that describe him as a racist.

“If they were true don’t you think Frederick Douglass would be having words with me?”

His explanation has satisfied the segment of his supporters who expressed discomfort that he would insult dead marines.

“If they don’t feel moved to object then that’s good enough for us.”

3 Comments on "Trump Cites Lack Of Protests By WWI Veterans As Proof He Did Nothing Wrong"

  1. My father was a wwI vet at age 15, who would be 117 this fall, and on his behalf, i very much object. I am Vietnam combat vet, and a gulf war medical vet and i very much object to this mans’ insensitivity to those who had the courage to do what he was to chicken to do!!!

  2. The man is an idiot!!!

  3. Anthony Andracchio | September 6, 2020 at 10:45 pm | Reply

    The youngest WW 1 Veteran would be 122 years old and I don’t really know how Fredrick Douglass could have words with Mister Trump because he has been dead for over 100 years.!

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