Trump Declares His Art Camps A Bigly Success

President Trump has responded to drawings by child detainees showing people in cages as evidence of yet another successful policy he has initiated.

“These drawings are great. So great! Look at all the detail in the cages. My Art Camps are a bigly success.”

Trump responded to allegations of horrible conditions by reminding critics ‘you need to suffer for your art’.

“These budding Picassos got to experience grade A suffering thanks to me and the CBP. It’s the best suffering.”

Trump also pointed at that many great artists are inspired by loss, and no-one creates a sense of loss better than he does.

“Children are losing parents. Parents are losing children. The future of the Arts has never looked so good!”

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  1. This may be satiric; but it is how he and hims minions feel abt refugees.

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