Trump Delighted To Learn Census Already Asks About People’s Ethnicity

President Trump is reported to be delighted today after learning that the U.S. Census already asks American households about the racial identity and ethnic background of occupants.

The President suggested the question be added to the 2020 census after watching a soundbite involving advisor Kellyanne Conway, only to be informed it has long been a standard question.

“That’s even better than asking about citizenship!”

Trump said the information on the ethnicity of households accross the nation dovetails perfectly with some plans he has in mind to make use of the information. He is said to be overjoyed to learn that questions about race, ethniticy, and disability status are routinely asked on employment application.

“That is great news for business. So great!”

The only bad news he received concerned some Federal regulations limiting how the information can be used, though he plans to get rid of them as soon as possible.

“We’ll challange that all the way up to the Supreme Court, at which point – problem solved!”

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