Trump Demands DOJ Hand Over Audiobook Of Mueller Report Right Away

President Trump is reportedly steaming that his Attorney General has seen the contents of the Mueller report and he has not.

He demanded that it be made available to him immediately so he can learn what the ‘witchhunt’ has turned up.

A written copy was offered but Trump dismissed that as a ruse to keep the contents from him.

“You are to record an audiobook and deliver it to the White House right now.”

Trump also insisted that the audiobook be recorded by someone with an ‘interesting voice’ so he doesn’t fall asleep while listening to it.

“I’m thinking Morgan Freeman. Love that guy!”

5 Comments on "Trump Demands DOJ Hand Over Audiobook Of Mueller Report Right Away"

  1. Ugg, if they wanted it to be realistic, they wouldn’t have put anything but a phone on his desk… he NEVER has paperwork on his desk, like, ever.

  2. Is there a Cliff Notes version?

  3. John Franklin | March 29, 2019 at 3:47 am | Reply

    Is this real or satire???
    This reads like an Onion story…

  4. Won’t be long a #Instagram a/o #Snapchat FULL version reaches millennials (lotsa #Mueller selfies included)

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