Trump Denies Knowing A Country Called Ukraine “Never heard of it”

As the Impeachment Trial continues in the Senate, President Trump responded today to a reporter’s question about his dealings with Ukraine with a robust denial.

“Ukraine? Never heard of it.”

Trump conceded he knew Russia, and said he was fairly sure there was a country called Poland somewhere over there, but insisted that if there really was a sovereign nation state of Ukraine it was news to him.

“Are you sure you’re not thinking of Uganda because that totally does exist. Loved that Ida Amin!”

Kellyanne Conway followed up by calling the Impeachment Trial a complete disgrace.

“Inventing fictitious countries just to smear your political opponents is a low blow indeed.”

She then said the President could not waste any more time on these kinds of questions as he was busy preparing for a visit to Nambia to discuss trade.

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