Trump Finally Fills Vacant Position Of White House Mini-Me

With many positions below cabinet level still left vacant, President Trump has been criticized for failing in one of his primary duties to ensure the right people get appointed in a timely manner.

However he made progress recently by filling the to-date vacant role of White House Mini-Me by appointing Anthony “The Mouch” Scaramucci to the position.

Scaramucci took naturally to the role, aping Trump’s style and vulgarity with an enthusiasm that even impressed the President himself, who has started affectionately calling him his ‘Mini-Mouch’.

“I couldn’t be more proud of him. So proud!”

Just like his ‘Pappa Prez’, Mini-Mouch enjoys angry rants and loves to get on twitter, where he made a point of viciously attacking Reince Priebius, presumably because his position as Chief of Staff and diminutive stature makes him a potential Mini-Me rival.

Mini-Mouch is keen to get on in his new job and has reportedly already arranged to talk to the Girl Scouts of America, where he plans to tell them Obama is a dirtbag Muslim terrorist, and about the time he joined the mile-high club.

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