Trump Finally Sets Record We Can Believe

Following all the dubious boasts about votes cast and crowd sizes, people have started not to believes any of the record-breaking numerical claims coming from the White House.

“It’s all been lies up til now.”

But the President has redeemed himself by setting a numerical record we can all have faith in, the 22 trillion dollar national debt.

“I have made the national debt big. So big. Such a big debt.”

Though leaders normally avoid any association with the national debt, Trump’s innate attraction to anything ‘yuge’ has him taking full credit for this one.

“Nobody runs up the national debt better than me. It’s the best debt.”

Financial experts say people shouldn’t dismiss Trump’s claim to be responsible for the debt, as he has taken concrete steps to play a part.

“Obviously we already had a large national debt, but Trump’s border wall obsession and his tax cut for the rich proves he’s serious about taking it to new levels.”

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