Trump Frontrunner For Nobel Piece-Of-Shit Prize

(Oslo, Norway) The chairperson of the Nobel committee announced today that former US President Donald J. Trump was the leading contender for its newly established prize recognizing the biggest piece of shit contributing to general disruption and unease throughout the world during the past year.

“I can imagine nobody more deserving of the Nobel Piece-Of-Shit Prize this year.”

Winning the award is said to be practically a foregone conclusion for Trump given the record number of nominations he has received.

“There are so many coming in we literally can’t keep count anymore, so if he wins it will definitely be a popular choice.”

The key to Trump’s winning the award will be his sterling work cosying up to demagogues across the globe, and his efforts to denigrate sovereign nations he considers to be ‘shithole countries’.

“But it’s his work separating young children from their families and inciting violent mobs to insurrection that really puts it in the bag for him.”


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