Trump Furious At Lack Of “Obama Killed Epstein” Conspiracy Theories For Him To Retweet

(The White House) After being in a buyant mood following his retweet of a theory suggesting the Clintons had Jeffrey Epstein killed in prison, President Trump has been feeling down today. Aides confirmed it was due to the lack of conspiracy theories placing the blame for Jeffrey Epstein’s demise on former President Barack Obama.

“He was so looking forward to retweeting that.”

However Trump has not found a good example to tacitly endorse. This is despite him spending the entire day scouring alt-right media sites.

“He didn’t even take time off for his other important activities – like golf, and more golf.”

He has put out word that he expects the tin-foil-hat brigade to step up their game.

“They’d better had as he also wants to retweet that Barbara Streisland, Rosie O’Donnell, and Sweden had Epstain killed in the coming days.”

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  1. Robert, there is no mystery. Many people on the Right fear what is called “Pauperization,” Whereby many likely Left oriented voters make it impossible for a Republican to be elected. That, in addition to easy to understand ideas like Good jobs retention, protection of intellectual property rights, lower taxes, etc. Trump represents these things even though he’s not done much. Finally, where is the alternative that could have been elected in 2016. Does this help?

  2. Trump is the biggest idiot in the world
    I have no idea why there are so many stupid people in America that vote hit him, he’s an embarrassment to our country
    Thank god he will only be a one term president

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