Trump Furious Iran Is Breaking Deal He Ripped To Shreds

President Trump has condemned Iran’s intention to raise its uranium production capability beyond that which they commited to maintain in a deal with the United States that he has since torn apart because Obama.

“How dare they violate an agreement we have repeatedly trampled on.”

Trump said this is a part of a disturbing trend he has noticed, where signatories to deals and treaties act like they are no longer bound by them just becasue he rips them up.

“What’s the point of negotiating and then unilaterally disengaging from international agreements if the other party then doesn’t act in accordance with those agreements? Sad!”

Other world leaders are being enoucraged to read Art Of The Deal and other books authored by the President to learn how to behave appropriately when negotiating with him.

“We reach a deal. I break it and refuse to pay anyone and then denounce you when you don’t adibe by it. It’s simple, folks. Very simple!”

Trump added there was one exception, however.

“Deals with Kim Jong-un are sacrosant, unless he wants to break them of course. Love that Kim! He’s the best Kim!”

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  1. Did he seriously say that? Oh wait, he would say that😪

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