Trump Furious To Learn Nunes Memo Is Full Of Words

Asked about the inflammatory Nunes memo today, President Trump couldn’t hide own personal frustration with it, which in his case is because it has far too many words.

“A memo should have ten words, tops. This is practically a book!”

Privately, Trump was furious to find the memo he had gotten so excited over was not really a memo at all as he understood them, but many paragraphs spread over more than one page.

“When I heard ‘memo’ I thought two bullet points that could fit on a post-it note. So disappointed.”

He claims it has put in him a difficult position, as he now has to defend declassifying a document whose contents he’s not familiar with because he doesn’t read whole blocks of text.

“If only Nunes had written a real memo like he promised I wouldn’t be in this mess.”

The President then produced an example of what he had expected it to be.

“FBI bad. All Dems. Mueller unfair. Sad!”

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  1. How could someone like him be our president?
    I feel like he’s been in office for 10years already. Sad very sad.

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