Trump Hard At Work On Mueller Insult In Preparation For Being Questioned

Having been informed he is likely to be questioned by Special Counsel Robert Mueller as part of his Russia investigation soon, President Trump is reportedly hard at work on a suitable derogatory term for the former FBI director.

Those close to the President spoke off the record about how seriously he is taking this one.

“He knows this could be the insult that defines his Presidency.”

Early efforts like “Miserable Mueller” and “Ridiculous Rob” were abandoned by Trump as too cumbersome and not biting enough, leading him to ask those around him how important alliteration was.

“I reminded him that some of his most effective insults – like “low-energy Jeb” and “lyin’ Ted” – didn’t use it so don’t feel constrained. That made him feel better.”

At last word the President was honing in on an insult that mocked Mueller’s visual appearance by comparing him to a bloodhound.

“At least he was until we pointed out that a bloodhound always gets its prey.”

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