Trump Hailed By Presidential Historians As Hardest-Working Golfer Ever To Occupy White House

Saying they had never seen such a diligent and dedicated individual at work, a team of esteemed Presidential historians today declared Donald Trump to be the hardest-working golfer ever to sit behind the desk in the Oval Office.

“It’s a stunning achievement, really.”

They said nearly all of the nation’s Presidents have laid some claim to the honor, but President Trump puts previous White House golfers to shame.

“They all tried to some extent but the sheer determination President Trump has shown to be the best golfer he can be day-in and day-out is unparalleled.”

They are particularly scathing about the laziness of No 43., President George ‘Dubya’ Bush, who started out with such promise before fizzling out completely.

“Having begun well he then decides to stop golfing altogether once the Iraq War is underway because he deems it ‘inappropriate’. Fortunately President Trump didn’t let the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans on his watch interfere with his dedication to the task at hand.”

President Trump was also hailed for his modesty about his great achievement, which he consistently played down like the humble man he is.

“He’s so modest he even praised President Obama for having been a much harder-working golfer in office than he was, when the truth is plainly the complete opposite!”

Political observers say it appear Trump’s glorious record is likely to stand for some time as his successor appears to be no threat.

“President Biden only golfed once during his first 100 days compared to Trump’s 19 times – so disappointing!”

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