Trump Insists He Never Mentioned A Quid Pro Quo “I don’t speak Spanish”

President Trump has defended himself against charges the told the Ukranian President receiving defence resources would involve a ‘quid pro quo’ whereby the Ukranian government would investigate the Bidens.

“I don’t speak Spanish!”

Trump insists he could never have uttered the phrase as it goes well beyond his second grade speaking level.

“Do they teach that in elementary school? The answer is no!”

This would not be the first time President Trump has mounted a so-called ‘Moron Defence’, which experts say has a very high chance of success.

“It’s basically a slam dunk in his case.”

6 Comments on "Trump Insists He Never Mentioned A Quid Pro Quo “I don’t speak Spanish”"

  1. Did he learn some Latin…in school?! Not being…Spanish…thought he said he’s a genius…maybe in high school…old Latin!

  2. Sheila Beckwith | November 24, 2019 at 9:39 am | Reply

    trump barely speaks English but usually only speaks Gibberish – the best language for conveying constant lies!

  3. BUT, he said yesterday that he did use the phrase??

    He was adamant that “I don’t want quid pro quo!” His notes showed he allegedly used the phrase!

  4. What is MORON in Spanish?

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