Trump Insists He Only Goes To Parlors To Get His Bone Spur Massaged

Social media is being flooded with pictures of President Trump with Florida businesswoman ‘Cindy’, the founder of the massage parlor in which Patriots owner Robert Kraft was busted.

This has led to questions of whether the President has also visited massage parlors to solicit sexual acts, something he strenuously denied today.

“The only reason I frequent parlors is to get my bone spur massaged.”

Trump explained this was necessary due to the skepticism with which Western medicine views his affliction.

“Mainstream doctors have never been able to find my bone spur, let alone treat it. So I must seek alternative therapies.”

Trump said he has had to go to Asian spas for his medical needs since the 1960s, as licensed physicians couldn’t find evidence of his bone spur then either.

“Yet obviously I had one, as I did not put my life on the line serving my country in Vietnam.”

5 Comments on "Trump Insists He Only Goes To Parlors To Get His Bone Spur Massaged"

  1. Rich Lieberman BAy area Mysogonist | April 4, 2022 at 3:33 am | Reply

    Donalf Trump says I Rich the Bitch Leiberman says I am the best in sex in the World. Just ask Kelly Ann Conway Sarah Sanders and Ivanka Trump those three at one time even DT could not keep up with me.

  2. landon mook terry | August 30, 2020 at 11:00 pm | Reply

    ok landon Mook Terry

    [email protected]

  3. He thinks we are all idiots and believe every word he says. He is a liar.

  4. Doctors have been looking in all the wrong places for his “bone spurs”. There’s one between his legs & another between his ears.

  5. I have a bone spur in my left heel and is clearly visible on an x-ray. If a doctor doesn’t see a bone spur it is because there is NO bone spur. And he wasn’t getting something else “massaged.”

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