“Trump Just The Man To Take Us To Mars” Says NASA

NASA this week reversed its skepticism about President Trump’s determination to see a crewed mission to Mars happen in the near term, after they realized he was the perfect person to make it happen.

“We’ve decided Trump is exactly the type of can-do guy who can get a man to Mars – himself!”

Though normally missions like this would be conducted by trained astronauts with years of experience and knowledge, NASA believes the current President is exactly what’s needed. Part of that is down to the vast number of relevant subjects he appears to be an expert in.

“Remember this is the person who knows more than any doctors about medical!”

They want everyone who has influence with him to encourage him to take up their offer, which they say only a loser would refuse.

“And we know he’s definitely doesn’t like to be seen as one of those.”

As for lethal cosmic radiation and sustaining life on the Red Planet, NASA says all those seemingly insurmountable problems were the result of an over-cautious approach.

“Turns out none of that is anything to worry about. He could literally go to Mars right now.”

As soon as the President indicates he is up for the challenge of being the first human to leave the Earth and its satellite the moon they will be ready.

“He doesn’t even need to come to us – we’ll bring the rocket and spacesuit right to the south lawn of the White House.”

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