Trump To Make It Best Of Three If He Loses On Tuesday

Donald Trump has let it be known that even though Tuesday’s election may yield a clear winner, that doesn’t mean the Presidential contest is over as far as he is concerned.

“We make it best of seven to decide who’s best at hitting a ball with a bat. So leaving the future of our country down to one single election seems pretty stupid to me.”

His unorthodox stance is not shared by the Hillary campaign, and he says she can have things her way if she loses the first outing.

“Hillary has made it clear she believes there should only be one election, and if she loses on Tuesday I’ll accept her concession. But if I lose it’s going to be best of three, folks, no question.”

Trump added that he was also open to deciding who gets to be President using rock-paper-scissors if the prospect of fighting two additional election campaigns seems too daunting.

“I kick ass at that game.”

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