Trump Makes Russian An Official Language Of The United States

In a reversal of his previous position, President Trump has announced he will allow another language to be used for official government business besides English.

“sdelat’ Ameriku velikoy snova!”

Trump was concerned that the move would upset his base, who are known to strongly oppose the use of languages other than English, but it appears his fears were unfounded.

“Once they were told it wasn’t Spanish they were fine with it.”

The justification for the change is that is will streamline operations, as those at the top can issue instructions in the language they are most fluent in, knowing that the obligation will now be on lower level officials to have them translated if need be.

Mike Pence is said to be struggling master the language after being ordered to learn it if he wants to serve a second term, according to a source close to Vladimir Putin.

“He says he needs at least one of his top people in DC to speak it.”

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