Trump Marks First Year In Office By Announcing Completion Of Border Wall

President Trump surprised many in Washington DC today by marking the end of his first tumultuous year in office by claiming a major victory.

“Last brick of my 2000 mile long border wall laid down today. I even made those dirty Mexicans pay for it all. Beautiful!”

Trump’s announcement left many critics stunned, but is being received with wild enthusiasm by his base, many of whom are located in rustbelt areas nowhere near Mexico.

“Way to fulfill your biggest campaign promise, Mister President! Four more years!”

Trump also took time to respond to someone who criticized his call on NASA to go to Mars as an unfunded gimmick.

“We’ve had a colony there since Thanksgiving. Don’t you pay attention? Sad!”

Political observers say unless Democrats start learning the lessons of 2016, this could work out very well for Trump.

“Chuck Schumer needs to argue we must take the wall down again because it’s too costly to maintain, and bring those people back from Mars because it’s too expensive to keep them there when there are still important things to fix back here on Earth.”

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