Trump Organization Announces Contract To Construct Huge Building In Jerusalem

Acting heads of the Trump organization, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., announced a surprise windfall today as the company won a lucrative contract to build a massive structure in the city of Jerusalem in the Middle East.

“We don’t even remember bidding but hey, we’ll take it!”

The brothers were notified that the Trump organization had won the bid as the only contractor suited to the project as the building needs to be highly secure, able to process visa applications, and house a casino.

“Fortunately our brother-in-law Jared just happens to be meeting with a lot of people there, so it’s all very serendipitous.”

Even better, says Eric, is that money is no object, and he has been told he should bill the mystery client whatever he likes to ensure the resulting building is hugely impressive.

“Whoever’s paying for this must have some deep deep pockets.”

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